The Maintenance Department utilizes capital funds by coordinating the planning of renovations and construction projects with architects, engineers and staff members. The Maintenance Supervisor inspects projects ensuring that plans and specifications are followed. Architects and engineers submit bids and contracts based on District specifications. Maintenance is responsible for implementing the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Act program and meeting Department of Environmental Quality standards and regulations.

The Maintenance Department performs maintenance and minor renovations to the physical plants in the district. The District is comprised of seven schools and fifteen auxiliary buildings. The department is based at the District office. In addition to regular maintenance responsibilities and minor renovations, the Department works in conjunction with state and local agencies on projects such as the Capital Improvement Plan. The Department employs four men who are responsible for completing work-orders throughout the District.

The Department follows guidelines issued by local and state governments to ensure the safety and cleanliness of all schools and facilities. Guidelines include contracts with companies to provide annual inspections of fire alarms, sprinklers, hoods, security systems and fire extinguishers.


Mr. Ganus Gray Maintenance Aliceville/Carrollton 205-367-2080, Ext 800
Mr. Ronnie Cabiness Maintenance Aliceville/Carrollton 205-367-2080, Ext 800
Mr. Alton Burkhalter Maintenance Gordo/Reform 205-367-2080, Ext 800

Maintenance Work Order