Curriculum and Instruction


Tammy Brown

Mrs. Tammy Brown

Elementary Curriculum Specialist 

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Mrs. Haley McGee

Secondary Curriculum Specialist 

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Haley McGee

Collaborative Leadership

Through effective partnerships, district administrators, school administrators, instructional coaches, teachers, staff, and community leaders work collaboratively to enhance and to expand the educational opportunities for the students of Pickens County. Through the collaborative partnerships, a comprehensive, rigorous curriculum and instruction program has emerged that allows the students to be leaders in the classrooms.  The learning culture throughout the classrooms in the district promotes creativity, curiosity, innovation, and collaborative problem-solving.

Alabama Literacy Act

The Alabama Literacy Act was passed in 2019 to help improve reading in Alabama public schools to ensure students are reading on grade level by the end of third grade.  If you child is reading below grade level reading standards or is struggling with reading, the teacher will inform you of the reading difficulty that has been identified.  The school will provide your child with additional reading instruction and support.  Parents also will be given strategies to support the students at home.   

New Video Release:  ACAP Summative for Families January 2024

This video has been produced through a collaborative effort involving the ARI and ALSDE Office of Student Assessment.  Our aim is to provide families and communities valuable information and insight concerning the role of assessment to K-3 literacy instruction in Alabama. 

The video provides answers to these FAQs:

What does the Alabama Literacy Act state about assessments? 

What is the Alabama Comprehensive Assessment Program (ACAP) Summative?

How does the ACAP Summative connect to the 3rd grade paths to promotion?

What information is provided on the ACAP Summative student report?


Alabama Numeracy Act

The Alabama Numeracy Act was established to implement steps to improve mathematics proficiency of public schools K-5 grade students.  The Alabama Numeracy Act was established to ensure that those students are proficient in mathematics at or above grade level by the end of the fifth grade by monitoring the progression of each student from one grade to the other.