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Technology is an integral part of instruction in the District. All schools have one or more computer labs. Individual classrooms have at least two computers for student usage.   Students have access to computer based software, which includes Ticket-to-Read, V-Math Live, My Skills Tutor, Accelerated Reader, STAR Reading, STAR Math, Compass Learning, New Century, March to Success, My Reading Coach, Rosetta Stone, etc. Evidence indicates that when used effectively, technology applications support higher-order thinking by engaging students in authentic, complex tasks within collaborative learning contexts. Educators make informed choices about which technologies will best meet the particular needs of specific learning styles. Administrators work to ensure that teachers, parents, students and community members understand the role technology plays in the school or district and how its impact is being evaluated. The District has a state approved technology plan that reflects the input of faculty, parents and other stakeholders. A team of teachers, administrators, parents and community stakeholders develops the District Technology Plan which is aligned with the state and federal technology goals.

 The Technology Coordinator handles support of the District’s Wide Area Network (WAN) which connects all the district locations as well as switches and servers in the schools. The staff handles all aspects of connectivity within schools including wireless, fiber optic and copper wiring. Today there are approximately thirty-five servers on the network and over one hundred fifty pieces of network switching and routing gear. The Technology Department is responsible for providing network and internet services to seven schools across the District. One hundred megabytes of internet service bandwidth are provided to the District by Northland Communications. Currently, the District provides connections to all school sites, two district offices, four clinics, and one hospital site. The network infrastructure consists of a fiber optic and wireless network provided by the District. The team currently maintains a Windows XP operating system.



Mr. Ken Ryals
Technology Coordinator
205-367-2080,  Ext 400

Mr. Chan Mullenix
Instructional Technology
205-367-2082,  Ext 205

Ms. Ruthy M. Cousette
Technology Assistant
205-367-2080,  Ext 401

Ms. Amanda Shirley

Technology Assistant

205-367-2080 Ext 701



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